Omentielva Nertea

The Ninth International Conference on J.R.R. Tolkien's Invented Languages

4–7 August 2022
Collegium Maius, Jagiellonian University, Kraków
and Hotel Załęże, Katowice

Chairman: Miriam Mayburd
Secretary: Beregond, Anders Stenström
Treasurer: Bill Welden


Registered participants



At Collegium Maius At Hotel Załęże
Thursday 4 p.m.   Opening of the conference
Introduction to the programme, and practical information
  5 p.m.   dinner
  630 p.m.   Galadhorn: Tolkien and Poland
  730 p.m.   Practical Elvish (led by Bertrand Bellet)
Friday from 7 a.m.   breakfast
    bus from Katowice 830 a.m.  
  10 a.m. Christopher Gilson: The Lost Road from Naffarin to Qenya: Tolkien’s Philological Schooldays  
  11 a.m. Paul Strack: Morphology of the Quenya Perfect: An Examination of the Formation and Conceptual Development of the Quenya Perfect Tense from the 1910s to 1960s  
  12 noon lunch in Kraków  
  2 p.m. J. ‘Mach’ Wust: Tengwar Capital Letters  
  3 p.m. Bertrand Bellet: J.R.R. Tolkien’s Application of the Quenya Alphabet to Latin  
  4 p.m. Valeria Barouch: A Most Important Word and Other Musings  
    bus from Kraków 6 p.m.  
  730 p.m.   festive dinner
  9 p.m.   Elvish Poets' Circle (led by Valeria Barouch)
Saturday from 7 a.m.   breakfast
  830 a.m.   David ‘Lokýt’ Beneš: A Clause in the Claws of a Clause: Secondary Predicates in Quenya Syntax
  1030 a.m.   Paul Strack: Conceptual Stability of Elvish Roots
  1130 a.m.   lunch
  1230 p.m.   How to Find the True Way in Elvish Composition and Translation (panel led by Bertrand Bellet)
  145 p.m.   - - panel continues after break - -
  3 p.m.   - - panel continues after break - -
  4 p.m.   dinner
      Onatsie Zoom-room opens at 530 p.m.
  545 p.m.   Finding and Organizing Tolkien's Languages (project presentation by Eileen Moore)
  645 p.m.   Parf Edhellen: Latest Changes and the Road Ahead (project presentation by Leonard Wickmark)
  745 p.m.   Elaran, Ekin Gören, gives a short presentation of Vinye Lambengolmor
  8 p.m.   Damien Bador: Lovers and Servants: An Analysis of the Two Elvish Suffixes -ndil and -ndur
  9 p.m.   ”Ganneldor of the Greenwood“ (performance and commentary by Arvaeril, Christina Diggles)
Sunday from 7 a.m.   breakfast
  830 a.m.   Galadhorn, Ryszard Derdziński: Traces of Arda Mythology in Tolkien’s Quenya Prayers
  930 a.m.   Christopher Gilson: “Queen of Heaven”: A Trilingual Prayer to Varda by J.R.R. Tolkien
      checkout before 11 a.m.
  1 p.m.   lunch
  2 p.m.   The Future: we will take thought of the Omentielvar in 2024 and 2026
  3 p.m. ------- ------- (End of Omentielva Nertea)