Participants’ Comments

Guillermo Domínguez
chairman of the Spanish Tolkien Society

[Read at the opening of Omentielva Cantea]

Hail dear Tolkien friends from faraway lands!

We are very pleased to have you here. For the Spanish Tolkien Society it is a great honour to help Omentielva Cantea in the organization of this event, and specially host you in Spain. We hope this event will reinforce our international relations with our Tolkien friends. We hope this event will encourage us to invite you more often to our Realm and enjoy and study Tolkien's Legendarium. Please enjoy these days and may your knowledge of the languages of Arda grow when speak Elvish words, do toasts of friendship as Elves do, and forget not to look at the night sky, for sure these days the Moon and the stars will shine once more.