Participants’ Comments

Petri Tikka

I had a wonderful time in Omentielva Nelya. Whitehaven was a suitable setting for our conference, with the beautiful haven, the high cliffs and all the old buildings. It was nice to meet other Elvish enthusiasts again. The atmosphere was free, lively and scholarly. One gained new insights from each presentation, and from all who attended. From learning new things about verb classes in Quenya, to making up a whimsical story in Quenya, it was varied and always interesting. Susan Edwards, our local hostess, arranged everything to perfection, including and especially all the good food and drinks. Thanks to Susan and all others who made this conference possible, including the Whitehaven smial and the ubiquitous Beregond! And thanks to everyone who attended and shared their intelligence and creativity in this biennial once-in-a-lifetime experience!

Helios De Rosario Martínez

This event has been an excellent combination of scholarship, fun, and emotional experiences, like that provided by the young Tolkien Reading Fellowship, who are an encouraging sample of the future of Tolkien readership. In the atmosphere of Omentielva, you have the opportunity of not only furthering your knowledge of the Elvish languages which are close to your heart, but also experiencing poetry and friendship around those languages.

I thank all the people that make such events possible, and wish a successful future for the Omentielvar, and to meet many other scholars and lovers of Elvish languages in them.

Måns Björkman

There are some events that work as energizers, inspiring you to new achievements. For me, the Omentielva conferences are such events. This one, my third, offered a wide range of interesting subjects, not only in the lectures and seminars, but also in conversation with the knowledgeable and passionate participants. The pleasant town of Whitehaven proved a very apt setting for the conference, thanks to the great hospitability of Susan Frances Edwards who provided a new venue in the nick of time.