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You can check in at Capital-Inn on Thursday from 2 p.m.

At the University of Iceland At Gröndalshús At Capital-Inn Hostel
Thursday 4 p.m. Opening of the conference
Introduction to the programme, and practical information
  430 p.m. Szymon Pindur: The One Ring Verse: A Psycholinguistic Approach    
  630 p.m.   dinner  
  8 p.m.   Miriam Mayburd: Chairman's Address  
  830 p.m.   Aiya Arcastar lambengolmoron ancalima! : Capturing the Light from the Brightest of Philologists (panel conversation with Szymon Pindur, held by Christopher  )  
Friday from 7 a.m.     breakfast
— bus from Kringlan 8:21
  840 a.m. Bertrand Bellet: How European is Elvish? A Typological Survey of Quenya and Sindarin Based upon the World Atlas of Language Structures    
  940 a.m. Christopher Gilson: “Unrecorded” Germanic: An Art-language for England    
  1040 a.m. Alexander Zapryagaev (in absentia): Nómessen Lúmessenye Veryandion: On the “in front/at back”, “before/after” Relationships in Eldarin    
  1140 a.m. Ármann Jakobsson: Welcome to a Tolkien-reader's Iceland    
  1230 a.m. lunch    
  130 p.m. Tour to see unpublished letters by Tolkien and Icelandic manuscripts led by Miriam Mayburd;    
  – 530 p.m. when back from the tour, time to air any remaining questions on the morning's papers    
  630 p.m.   dinner  
  8 p.m.   Practical Quenya (led by Janna Carleson)  
Saturday     breakfast
— bus from Kringlan 8:38
  9 a.m.   Beregond, Anders Stenström: Phonotactic Preferences Revisited Again (work in progress)  
  10 a.m.   Roman Rausch (in absentia): Rank-frequency Distributions of Phonemes in Natural and Constructed Languages (Elvish, Esperanto, Klingon, Na'vi, Dothraki)  
  11 a.m.   Paul Strack: Vocalization of Spirants in Sindarin and Noldorin  
  12 a.m.   Tsukusu Jinn Itó (in absentia): An Onomastic Observation of the Names for Melkor  
  1245 p.m.   lunch  
  2 p.m.   Måns Björkman: Almost Certainly Almaida: An Investigation of Númenor's Lost City-name  
  3 p.m.   Obscure Names in Elvish (seminar led by Beregond)  
  4 p.m.   John Garth (in absentia): Shorthand Signalling: A New Source for Tengwar?  
  5 p.m.   Eldamar — A Pan-script Font (report by Måns Björkman)  
  630 p.m.   festive dinner  
  8 p.m.   Elvish Poets' Circle (led by Petri Tikka)  
Sunday     breakfast
— checkout before 11 a.m.
  1245 a.m.   lunch  
  2 p.m.   The Future: we will take thought of the Omentielvar in 2021 and 2023  
  3 p.m. ------- ------- (End of Omentielva Toltea) ------- -------