Omentielva Nertea - Registration

You register as a participant in Omentielva Nertea by paying a full registration fee, 825 Polish zloty. (Here is one place to find out the current equivalent in other currencies.)

Apart from attendance the registration fee includes the volume of proceedings, as well as all meals and accommodation. This means that meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) will be provided from Thursday dinner to Sunday lunch. Accommodation will be in rooms for 2 persons.

There is a handful of single rooms available, at a surcharge of 205 zloty. If you wish a single room, make that choice in the registration form. The rooms will go to those who first ask for them; if you get one you will get an invoice for the surcharge.

Staying in the same accommodation for some more nights, before or after the conference, may be possible: contact our Chairman.

Registration for attendance will close on 15 July.

For a smaller fee, 135 Polish zloty, you may register as a non-attending participant. In this way you support the conference, you can partake in the Onatsie session via Zoom, and you will get a copy of the published proceedings.

Registration only for the Onatsie is free if you contribute a presentation to the Onatsie programme. It is also free if you are a child or student. For such free registration, write to Beregond.

With a credit card or a Paypal account, you can pay through Omentielva's PayPal account, by filling out the form and pressing the button below.

I wish to have a single room
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If you are unable to use Paypal, contact the Treasurer for alternatives.