Omentielva Otsea - Registration

You register as a participant in Omentielva Otsea by paying a full registration fee, 320 US dollars. (Find out the (always fluctuating) equivalent in other currencies with this popup Currency Converter.)

Apart from attendance the registration fee includes the volume of proceedings, as well as all meals and accommodation. This means that meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) will be provided from Thursday dinner to Sunday lunch. Accommodation will be in single-occupancy bedrooms for all attendees, grouped in 4-bedroom apartments with 2 bathrooms per apartment.

Registration for attendance is now closed.

For a smaller fee, 30 US dollars, you may register as a non-attending participant. In this way you support the conference and you will get a copy of the published proceedings.

With a credit card or a Paypal account, you can pay through the PayPal account of Arda, by filling out the form and pressing the button below.

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There are alternative ways to pay, like bank transfer, postal giro or Western Union transfer. Contact the Secretary about details.